Virtual Vocations: a Valuable Resource for Virtual Service Providers

virtual vocationsI’m very excited to share this post with you this month. Let me explain why. As virtual service providers, we are often starved for resources that’ll help us expand our business. We want to learn how to avoid making big mistakes, the best tips for our particular niche, and much more. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to find those resources.

This is what Savvy Subcontracting is all about. I’m here to supply you with helpful resources, such as my Virtual Team 360 podcast. Recently I’ve been researching ways for you to expand your business and improve or add to your current skill set. I came across a site that is providing professionals with subcontractors who will fit their specific needs, as well as projects and opportunities for subcontractors themselves. This is something I’ve been successful in, so I thought this website was a perfect resource to offer here. is a telecommute site which, according to their website, leads to jobs that “offer real pay for real work.” What’s amazing is that they do all the hard work for you. Besides from providing access to potential jobs and team members, they hand-screen it all. It frees up your time while also easing your mind about whether you’ve found a quality, reliable person to work with.

All you have to do is create a profile and search for what you need. Whether you’re looking for a project, or for a subcontracting team member, there’s something there for you. Additionally, Virtual Vocations has many e-courses and valuable downloads that will add to your current knowledge, and teach you some new things too! You can choose to receive alerts when new job opportunities in your field arise, save jobs you’re interested in to return to later, and upload your job application documents to easily apply for projects. It’s really easy to keep things organized.

You can pay for a monthly subscription, as well as try it out for free first to see what you think of it. The real value, I believe, is that they have done their homework, so to speak. They did all the screening and research, so you don’t have to. That’s extremely valuable, especially when you’re a busy professional who might be starting up their business on the side while still balancing a full-time job outside the home. Or you might be a parent who is often distracted from work by your family. Perhaps you simply don’t want to spend your time doing hours of fruitless searching.

Virtual Vocations makes everything easier, and what virtual service provider doesn’t want that? I’m so glad I came across this site and can share it as yet another resource here on Savvy Subcontracting. Be sure to check out the Resources tab for more! And subscribe to my blog so that you stay up-to-date with all the best virtual resources.

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Turn Time Into Profits With Subcontracting

profitsYou likely enjoy your work very much. You’ve had success in certain areas, but you want to grow more. And even though you know you’re providing for your clients, if something happened to you, they’d be hung out to dry. So is it worth subcontracting?

You need to examine your own skills, time, and resources to decide whether you’re giving clients the full scope of what they need. Additionally, do you want to expand your business? Likely the answer is yes. By contracting with other experts, you can utilize their specialized skills and put them to work. The burden will not be on your shoulders alone. They benefit by being able to do work they love, and you reap benefits like knowing your clients will always be taken care of.

Expand Your Niche

Have you fleshed out who your ideal client would be? Knowing this will enable you to know what services they will need. Look at your current clients: are they your ideal client? If so, what needs do they have that you aren’t fulfilling? Perhaps you ghostwrite for their blog but they also need help managing their website. If you don’t have the skills for that, you can’t offer them this additional service. But if you have a web designer whom you subcontract with, you give clients the ease of adding this service, rather than the hassle they’d have going out to look for someone separately.

Your business was founded on a particular niche that you excel in. But can you expand your niche? By adding to your team you offer your clients a skill that you either can’t do, or don’t offer at the moment. Pass the work off to a subcontractor so you can focus on big picture things!

Rescue Small Businesses

No matter the size of a business they all need various types of services, ranging from web design, customer service, administrative tasks, and general day-to-day operations.  You could be the go-to person for each of these, or a “one-stop shop” which will draw busy professionals to you. No one wants to spend unnecessary time and effort looking for a large group of separate people who can perform each of these tasks. If they can see you as someone they trust, who presents them with quality work, then they will turn to you for these additional services.

Virtual Assistants Using the Concept

On my podcast, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview a number of virtual assistants who are using subcontracting to further their businesses. One such professional was Bobbi-Jo, founder of Canadian Virtual Gurus. Once she discovered the benefit of utilizing just one or two subcontractors, she decided to expand into a full multi-VA company. She’s now able to offer many services, including web design, bookkeeping, social media marketing, transcription, and more.

Another podcast guest was Lisa Kolb, founder of Augusta Virtual Assistants. She began her business in 2011 with just her and her daughter. Over time she’s acquired an entire team who each specialize in a particular field. In this way, she’s able to work with many different types of business owners.

These are just two examples of the many people I’ve interviewed. These subcontracting success stories are very common! It could be you who, in time, is an example for others to look to.

Seek More Clients

When you have subcontractors to back you up and help you out, you’ll have the ability to seek out more clients. Don’t limit yourself! When you speak with prospective clients, or even casually with other professionals on various forums, etc., educate them on how the subcontracting concept benefits them.

Take a Break & Keep Your Biz Running

Now that you’ve assembled a team and have a sure and steady stream of work coming in, you can relax and enjoy things. Get back to the basics of why you started your business and reference the big picture, bringing fresh eyes to your overall plan. Take a week off and spend time with your family, or even take just a couple days off to pamper yourself, without worrying that your business will fall apart. The revenue will continue to come in.

As a final point, remember that you should continue to promote yourself. Put yourself out there, network, join forums, and find opportunities to share why your business concept is beneficial. Only by being persistent, as well as honest, will you achieve the level of success you desire.

About Me

Collette Schultz

Collette Schultz

The dream of being an online business owner began while I was on maternity leave with my daughter. After hours of research and lots of phone calls, nothing worked out. However, I eventually found a business mentor who took the skills I already had, and what I’d learned from my experience as a bookkeeper, and helped me find my own path. This is when my niche, subcontracting, was born. I’ve become the go-to person providing subcontracting resources for service providers and virtual assistants. After regularly listening to relevant podcasts, I was inspired to create my own Savvy Subcontracting podcast. Over the years it has connected me with some of the best businesses in the virtual service industry. They’ve complimented and expanded my services. Some of their resources are books, podcasts, coaching, mentoring and tools. Services I’ve learned to love continue to be online bookkeeping, creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets, web research, and my podcast. Now I’m able to supplement income and continue to work on becoming a full-time virtual business owner. This will enable me to raise my kids and show them that a passion can become reality.


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Join My 2017 Audiobook Challenge!

reading challengeWhat does the New Year mean to you? For me, it’s time to look over the previous year and see what I can improve on for the future. It’s common for people to set resolutions, whether big or small, or to think of ways to challenge themselves. If you think you really did a great job, you might not have significant changes to make.

That’s not my case, however! Looking forward, I want to grow my virtual business, while also becoming healthier and enjoying my everyday life. In order to do that, I’ve set a new challenge for myself. This is something I mulled over and thought was a goal that’d be very helpful for increasing my overall productivity. And I’d like you to come along the journey with me!

I’ve decided to complete an audiobook challenge. I love to read but I don’t have much time for it. Between my duties as a mom, running my small business, and working outside the home, I find myself falling asleep whenever I sit down with a book. I miss out on things I want to learn from them, as well as the simple enjoyment of it. However, I enjoy listening to audiobooks, which is a great solution, and have wanted to listen while going for walks. This doubles my productivity! But I’m falling short with the walking aspect. So, I’ve decided I’ll only allow myself to listen if I’m walking.

I’m excited for this challenge because I have many books that are on my list to read, ranging from personal favorites to business books. There’s one that many people have talked about that I’d like to listen to, which is The Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. A business book on my list is Sexy Boss by Heather Havenwood. There are a variety of business owners who’ve shared their journeys and how they grew their virtual businesses into something bigger and better. I’m inspired by the success of others, and it motivates me to persevere even when things are tough.

I thrive on accountability, and I’m sharing this with you in the hopes that it will help me stay on track. Let’s see what I can do in 2017 in order to find more joy in life and grow my business. And how about you – do you want to do this challenge with me? Or what goals have set of your own? Please share. Together we can push forward into a positive and productive 2017!

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Why Join A Virtual Assistant Organization

This year I chose to join a well known organization in the virtual assistant industry, IVAA.  This video shares what you can gain from doing the same.  Looking forward to networking with you there.

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A Subcontracting Team Member’s View: Virtual Team 360 – 016

carol-trauthwein-subcontractors-sideCarol created Essential VA Solutions after a 20 year career assisting small business owners with their bookkeeping and administrative tasks in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and retail management sectors.

During this time, I developed extensive experience in business planning for small business start-up and expansion.

Through my focus, organizational abilities, and commitment to lifelong learning, I proved myself to be a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled partner in business relationships.

I bring this same dedication to the small business owners that I serve through my own company today.

I seek clients who are self-employed, sole practitioners whose businesses are growing and are finding themselves overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions. People who are comfortable communicating via email and/or internet and delegating work.

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Strategize Your Legacy With Sara Oblak: Virtual Team 360 – 015

sara-streicherAccording to her high-achieving clients, Sara Oblak Speicher is a business strategist and performance mentor who brings serenity, peace and confidence back in their businesses and lives.

Those online entrepreneurs say that she creates fun and ease in developing structures so that they can earn more with less work; that’s how they can perform at their best – from their zone of genius, and get paid $10k, $20k, $30k and more for their services, with ease and integrity.

And, in case you didn’t know:

After moving from a medieval town of 10,000 in Europe to NYC to play NCAA D-1 basketball, barely speaking any English, and after getting MBA degree, Sara went on to start her business in 2011 when she lost her job the same week she found out she was pregnant.

Today, she is a wife and mom to two little ones, an international best-selling author, and is on a mission to help her clients multiply their revenues and build out sustainable businesses in a way that is fully aligned with their strengths, core values, and lifestyle.

Find out more and apply for your call with her at

Here’s to your success, expansion, and peace of mind ~

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Brainy Girl VA: Virtual Team 360 – 014

Kim Garnett, a serial entrepreneur, started Brainy Girl Virtual Assistant in 2012 after fifteen years of assisting small business owners with technology and marketing. She hired her first subcontractor within 6 months and now has a team of five other VA’s who help service her clients. In 2016 she opened the VA Success Academy to teach others how to start, and grow, a profitable virtual assistant business.

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Subcontracting Turned Up A Notch: Virtual Team 360 – 013

team-podcastThe moment Christy Haussler realized it was time to make the leap and become an entrepreneur, she was in her car, driving to work, listening to podcasts to pass the time. Christy spent hours commuting back and forth to an office for a job that didn’t fulfill her, and decided it was finally time for her to make a move and give her own business a try. The first thing she did? Take the first step, and then another and then another.
Today, Christy’s company — Team Podcast — provides production and strategy for more than 40 shows and produces about 200+ episodes a month. Her business is steadily growing, she lives in a city she’s happy to call home and she spends her time doing work she loves.
On this episode of Virtual Team 360 she discusses how many more clients she is able to serve using the subcontracting concept.


Taking Your Virtual Biz To Next Level

I’m taking the time at the end of this year to look back and see what’s happened with my business. I ask myself what fell short of my expectations, what worked really well, and what improvements I want to make going forward. My continuous goal is to keep taking my business to the next level. It may be a matter of investing into my business or finding free quality resources. I never want to stop improving, and the best way to do that is to use my 20/20 hindsight.

One of the most successful aspects of my business has been the Virtual Team 360 podcast. I was very fortunate to have the wonderful Denise Griffiths coach me and assist me in starting this. A valuable lesson from this is the advantage of having a coach or accountability partner. It’s a simple choice that brings remarkable benefits. Are you utilizing your business contacts? Look for opportunities to connect – you never know where it might lead!

I just hired another coach, Christy Haussler from Team Podcast, to help me continue to grow my podcast. All of this has supported me as I expand and given me the freedom to create some resources for you! I’m not going to spill the secret yet, but very soon I’ll have some tools and resources for you to download and listen to. These were designed to help you succeed and grow your business. Among other things, I talk about goals. With the new year approaching, you’ll want to set goals that you can then review at the end of the year!

Now, one of the first things I do after evaluating my year (and that I recommend you do as well) is take a look at my budget. You should examine your recurring costs, and see if there were any large purchases or investments you made for your business. Perhaps there’s something you need to account for going forward into the next year. I’ve been fortunate to have an increase in income which led to the hiring of my latest coach. Is that something you can budget for yourself? My experience has been so positive. It’s great having someone to brainstorm with, who has unique ideas and specialized experience.

Soon I will have a new resource I’ll be bringing to you will have an impact on the way you run your day-to-day operations, as well as affecting the big picture. It’s exciting whether you have a virtual assistant business, manage a team of subcontractors, or are looking to become a subcontractor yourself. It has helpful items to help you get into the industry quickly, and start things off efficiently. Best of all, I’m providing it to you as a free giveaway!

Have you reviewed your year? Do you have any exciting news for the coming months? Your experiences are valuable and I’d love to hear from you!

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Passion Gets You To Success

This morning I was watching the show “The Profit” and it got me thinking about why I enjoy it so much. “Shark Tank” is another one of my favorite shows, and what I discovered they have in common is that these are very accomplished business owners whose passion has brought them great success. They were driven by something specific, and it kept them going through the trials that every business owner endures.

So, today I want you to think about what drove you to start your own service business. What passion drives your decisions? Sharing your enthusiasm will actually bring more clients in versus pitching them a particular service or product. I’ve shared this before, but allow me again to share a little about my own passion.

The promise of a full-time income was not what drove me to this sub-niche. It was the possibility of supplementing my current income. I wanted to take my kids on vacations, be able to buy those extra little things for myself, and give more to charity organizations than I’d been able to before. Sometimes it’s seemingly small things like this that make a big difference in one’s enjoyment of life.

Those three things drove my passion. I wanted to serve others. That is what’s neat about this sub-niche. In addition to working on my own business, I have a hand in helping others become successful in theirs. I assist them in creating a successful business that has been built from the heart.

You can see why it’s absolutely vital to identify your passion and allow it to drive you. When there’s no energy in your body, or your mind even, to keep growing your business, this zeal will carry you on regardless. You might think of a mathematician who hasn’t eaten or slept for hours, but hardly notices because they are completely consumed with solving an equation. Their enthusiasm is so intense that it carries them through any physical discomfort.

Now, I’m not asking you to skip meals or sleep while growing your business! I am encouraging you to find your why. Meditate on why you started this business. Developing a small business is no easy task. So, there surely must have been something that urged you on regardless.

Was it to bring in enough income to quite your full-time job? Perhaps you needed to buy a new house or car. Or maybe your child, or aged parents, got sick and needed care at home. Think about what it is that wakes you up, ready and eager to start your day.

Now share it with others, and the clients will come! Tell your story on your website, in social media, and on forums you visit. Don’t be afraid to shout it out. This drums up interest in your business, because it shows a human side. That’s what people relate to. In the end, it’s not about being an expert, or that you provide this or that. It’s how you jive with your clients. Identify what it is you are, what you stand for, and you will be able to connect on a personal basis.

Have you identified your passion? Share it in a comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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