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Lost My Mojo On A Roller Coaster

I just returned from my trip to Disney World and the time I spent with my family was wonderful! It was especially nice connecting with my two teenagers and how they still appreciate being with their parents. During my time … Continue reading

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The Story Behind Virtual Team 360, A Subcontracting Concept – Episode 001

I have been listening to podcasts for a very long time. I started with Kelly McCausey, a podcast I believe was called work at home moms (WAHM). Then I listened to the podcast with Denise Griffitts, Your Partner in Success … Continue reading

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The Struggle For Accountability

Things are not always easy in business.  One of the things I found to be a struggle is finding someone to help me become accountable in my virtual assistant business. It’s been two years now since my parents passed away.  Little did … Continue reading

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Fast Turnover & Competitive Edge

An invaluable tool to business growth is subcontracting. It can be used strategically to influence corporate growth and financial stability. The key is to subcontract work which is non-essential or areas where the company lacks expertise. This frees valuable resources which … Continue reading

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Jack Of All Trades With Subcontracting

By subcontracting projects for your clients, it’s now making it possible for the curious or passionate to discover more about the things that have piqued their interest. This is actually an exciting component of the expert niches.  As small business … Continue reading

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Requests for Subcontracting Success Stories

I’m in the process of refreshing this resource website and will be adding a new feature called Success Stories. The new page will have a filtering engine that will allow current clients and prospects to see how other service providers … Continue reading

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Subcontracting: A Good Fit for this Start-up

When starting my business  ParentCoaching.org I thought I would do everything myself. I’ve started a business before and did all of the website design and construction myself, did all of the advertising design and creation myself, and did all of … Continue reading

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Employee Or Subcontractor?

Many employers have elected to hire subcontractors as a way to reduce costs and reduce liabilities. This can be an effective tool, but knowing the difference between what the IRS and other government agencies consider as an employee and a … Continue reading

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Give Your Team Time Tools

We are often required to multi-task a great deal during the course of our workday—going to meetings, answering questions from others, handling “fire-drills,” doing paperwork. If we’re not careful, the interruptions and “small tasks” can rob us of critical time … Continue reading

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Show Your Team You Trust Them

If you want remote team members to feel both accountable and authorized to work independently towards team goals, you need to trust them. Saying, “I trust you” to a new colleague is a powerful way to make them feel both … Continue reading

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